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Trust and Competence

I help absolute beginners to build their, most of the time, first company. Even with a low budget, yet on a great market with great opportunities.

Intrdoucing myself.

My Name is Jan Becker, I live in Paderborn Germany and I myself bought my first company in 2020 with little to no knowledge. I learned a lot about dealmaking, pricing, leadership and much more. Becoming a businessowner is really the fastest educational route possible.
In 2020 I bought a little school in my hometown where we teach children after school in the main subjects.

As I had no previous experience in the educational field or as an entrepreneur, so the path to success was rough and slow, so I focused on "understanding" business, money and dealmaking. With this knowledge I just now bought another business that makes 3 Million Euros in revenue yearly. That's much better than my tiny school that I still love though. Now I want to help others to open their first business. For that I will give you a researched market, a whole idea and a blue print of how to start. If you are one of the brave ones, then you should get into action. Build your first company and have your first exit maybe a year later to have cash for your next project or you stick with your first company and develope it. 

I had to learn it all by myself.

Yes, I bought my first company, but it was also pretty much just a Website and company name. 
And by the way, I bought it with nearly no money. 
In my first year my company made 38K revenue, I know it's everything else but a world wonder, but I was profitable within my first year. That was enough for me, because before that I never made my own money with a company I owned. 
Hidden in that tiny number of 38.000€ are lots of problems, hard days, finding solutions and much more. It was a whole experience. 
I finally understood all the problems that can occur, I mastered them all. I had no clue about what I was doing but my business was still there and profitable. That's because I was always searching for solutions. I read books, watched youtube videos, rebuild the website, learned about SEO, got educated about marketing and so on. It was nights of studying and searching the web.

At some point I was sick of doing so much work for such a little outcome, I wanted to go bigger. So in 2022 I bought another company, same strategy as before, no own money invested, made an incredible deal and now I own another company that made me pretty much a rich man instantly. Employees are doing everything, so it's passive enough. I can always do what I want to do. This year I am working on my fitness and health. That's a big change, my life is changed! 

If you want to start like me, get a Domain, build the website, get it running. Second step, optimize and figure out your marketing. Step three, invest in your marketing. Step four, have patience. Step five, earn money. Step six, reflect on all the experience you gathered and then do it over and over again and get better every time. 

I wish you lots of endurance, the will to fight for your dreams, great self-developement and a much cash to support your life, dreams and your loved ones!


Unser Team

Who do I recommend this to? 

I would never recommend anyone to become self-employed. This is not for everybody. If I would have known how hard it would get, I wouldn't have done it. Still though, I pulled through. So who would I recommend this path to? 
You have to be a risk taker. You should be stress resistant or just able to go through whatever. Start young, don't risk the security of your family if you have children and a good job. If you are older and you have some cash, buy an already well running business. To start from zero is something for the young folks who have nothing to lose and everything to win. Be hungry like a starving wolf, because you will face difficulties and if you don't want it you will quit before you even started! Be a quick learner, sometimes you only have one night to solve a problem. Be able to work every waking hour. 12 to 19 hours days where the norm my first 6 months. Some people go like that for years. Be mentally so stable that you can take that, but so unstable that you would to this to yourself. ;P
If this description fits you, don't waste time!

Unser Team

Jan Becker, CEO

Jan Becker, CEO

Position Chief Executive Officer

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